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Quotes of the Early Fathers and Christians of the Church (33AD to 750AD)

Listen to the Savior:: I regenerated you, unhappily born by the world
to death. I set you free, I healed you, I redeemed you. I will give you
life that is unending, eternal, supernatural. I will show you the face
of God, the good Father.

St. Clement of Alexandria (150-215AD) on Salvation

Mini-Bio: Greek; theologian, head of the Catechetical School at Alexandria, Egypt

Saints throughout the Age of the Church

The Lord was baptized, not to be cleansed Himself, but to
cleanse the waters, so that those waters, cleansed by the flesh of
Christ which knew no sin, might have the power of baptism.

St. Ambrose of Milan (340-397AD) on Baptism

Mini-Bio: German; bishop, Doctor of the Church

Holy Quotes from the Popes of the Church

Allow the light and the healing presence of Christ to shine
brightly through your lives. In that way, all those who come in contact
with you will discover the loving kindness of God.

Pope John Paul II (1920 - 2005AD)

Mini-Bio: pope: (1978 - 2005) Polish; The most traveled pope
in history. During his papacy he has issued many letters clarifying and
safeguarding the Churches teachings in moral areas. Has consecrated his
papacy to the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Quotes on Mary, Our Blessed Mother: a Marian Potpourri

Scripture meditation: Concerning mutual charity there is no need for us to write you, since you yourselves have learned from God to love each other. 1 Thessalonians 4:9

Reflection: The most powerful means we have for
drawing down the benevolence of Mary toward us is a virtue. The virtue
is love for our neighbor.

St. Gregory Nazianzen (329-389AD)

Mini-Bio: Cappadocian; archbishop, theologian, Doctor of the Church

Prayer: O Mary, you are partial toward those who
imitate your Divine Son in love for their neighbor. Teach me to love my
neighbor in the many circumstances of life, no matter what the cost.

52 Practical/Scientific Reasons to go to Church...besides the obvious ones.

Conclusion - Is going to church is good for you?

Is religion a fading phenomenon in America? Is it a relic of the past
with no future? A TV-land view of America might lead us to conclude
that religion has died out. It is true that church membership has
dropped from a high of 75 percent in 1947 to a low of 65 percent in
1988 and 1990? If this were an election, however, 65 percent would be
considered a fairly substantial majority. It must also not be
overlooked that there are still half a million churches, temples, and
mosques in the United States.

in God, contrary to what many think, has remained quite stable. The
authors of one study, entitled "Religion: The Forgotten Factor in
Cutting Youth Crime and Saving At-Risk Urban Youth," wrote:

in God remains the norm in America, with levels of belief ranging
between 94 percent and 99 percent over the past 5 decades."

the studies published in this book are interesting, but certainly they
do not constitute proof of anything. Collectively, however these and
dozens of other similar studies constitute a significant body of
evidence that going to church is good -- good for you, good for your
health, good for your marriage, good for your children, good for your
community, and good for your country. And the more you attend the
better the results seem to be. What's more, the good effects may last
for generations.

Many from time to time have wondered, "What can I do, as one person, to make this world a better place?"

Perhaps we have found one answer:

Go to church!

Source:Larson, D.B., and B.R. Johnson, "Religion: The
Forgotten Factor in Cutting Youth Crime and Saving At-Risk Urban
Youth," The Jeremiah Project: An Initiative of the Center for Civic
Innovation (1998): Report 98-2.

Used with permission. All rights reserved, ACTA Publications.

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