Thursday, February 3, 2011

Quotes of the Early Fathers and Christians of the Church (33AD to 750AD)
All nature is good. 
St. Augustine of Hippo (354-430AD) on CreationMini-Bio: North African; bishop, theologian, Doctor of the Church

Saints throughout the Age of the Church
The immoderate long fasts of many displease me, for I have learned by experience that the donkey worn out with fatigue on the road seeks rest at any cost. In a long journey, strength must be supported. 
St. Jerome (342-420AD) on Fasting and AbstinenceMini-Bio: Dalmatian; priest, hermit, abbot, biblical scholar and translator, Doctor of the Church

Holy Quotes from the Popes of the Church
May prayers give wings to work, purify intentions and be a defense against the longings of materialism. And may work in its turn lead to the refreshing encounter with God in which humanity rediscovers its primordial vocation and the true meaning of its existence. 
Pope John Paul II (1920 - 2005AD)Mini-Bio: pope: (1978 - 2005) Polish; The most traveled pope in history. During his papacy he has issued many letters clarifying and safeguarding the Churches teachings in moral areas. Has consecrated his papacy to the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Quotes on Mary, Our Blessed Mother: a Marian Potpourri
Scripture meditation: I will put enmities between you and the woman, and between your seed and hers. He shall crush your head. Genesis 3:15
Reflection: The Old Testament recounts the period of salvation history that slowly prepared for the coming of Christ into the world. It brings into gradually sharper focus the figure of the Woman, Mother of the Redeemer, already foreshadowed in the promise of victory over the serpent. 
Vatican II: Lumen Gentium/The Church, 55 (1962-1965AD) Mini-Bio: 21st Ecumenical council: Convened by John XXIII 1958-1963; Closed by Paul VI 1963-1978: Descisions: Issued pastoral documents on the renewal and reform of the Church, intending to make the Church more effective in dealing with the contemporary world.
Prayer: O Mary, you were chosen by God to be the Mother of the Redeemer. Protect me always from evil and obtain eternal salvation for me in heaven with you and your Son Jesus.

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