Friday, February 11, 2011

Quotes of the Early Fathers and Christians of the Church (33AD to 750AD)
Let everything perish! Dismiss these empty vanities! And let us take up the one search for truth. 
St. Augustine of Hippo (354-430AD) on the SearchMini-Bio: North African; bishop, theologian, Doctor of the Church

Saints throughout the Age of the Church
The fear of God prepares a place for love. But once love has begun to dwell in our hearts, the fear that prepared the place for it is driven out…. In sewing, the needle introduces the thread into the cloth. The needle goes in, but the thread cannot follow unless the needle comes out first. In the same way, the fear of God first occupies our minds, but it does not remain there, because it enters only in order to introduce love. 
St. Augustine of Hippo (354-430AD) on Fear of GodMini-Bio: North African; bishop, theologian, Doctor of the Church

Holy Quotes from the Popes of the Church
Christians of these last years of the Second Millennium, you have an honorable yet burdensome task. You must be bearers of the Word to those who have lost its full meaning and importance. 
Pope John Paul II (1920 - 2005AD)Mini-Bio: pope: (1978 - 2005) Polish; The most traveled pope in history. During his papacy he has issue many letters clarifying and safeguarding the Churches teachings in moral areas. Has consecrated his papacy to the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Quotes on Mary, Our Blessed Mother: a Marian Potpourri
Scripture meditation: Adam call his wife Eve, because she would become the mother of all the living. Genesis 3:20
Reflection: We are all children of Eve according to the flesh and children of the Blessed Virgin according to the spirit. For all of us, Mary has the love of a mother and the courage of a defender. All find room in her. Sinners find pardon through her prayers, and the righteous are preserved in grace. 
St. John of Avila (1499-1569AD) Mini-Bio: Spanish; priest, preacher, missionary, spiritual director
Prayer: O Mary, you are always a mother to me. Let me be always your child. Help me to come to you in all my joys as well as sorrows.

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